Welcome to my corner of the internet!
I find delight in everyday things,
but not without finding ways to better it.

I question the norm. I speak up if I disagree. And I am driven by the ambition to work in an environment that encourages that. With the natural flair of entrepreneurship and my diverse design skills, I approach problems inside out and will go to great extents to get it just right.

Given how meticulous and planned I am, my design aesthetic functions in perfect harmony with product goals. I would use these words for my life as well, but I may be indulging in too many craft beers for that to go down well. ;)

My open mindedness, cultural sensitivity, and unwavering determination to push my boundaries (a result of having lived in some of the best cities in the world) builds the foundation of a human centered and well rounded approach to any product I work on.

Here are some things my friends think are quirky/unique/annoying about me:

I’m not crying, you’re crying!
I binge watch Netflix just like anyone else, but I will cry my eyes out for a character (I also sadistically enjoy giving spoilers, so watch out!).
All I knit is love ❤️
I took a knitting class in college and knitted an entire sweater in 3 weeks!
I clean it all, so it's all clean
When in stress, I clean. Like 'clean' clean. Single. Minded. Focus.
Adrenaline is my drug of choice
I’ve sat on the fastest rollercoaster (twice!), jumped out of a plane, and swam with dolphins in the deep seas.
The End :)
I’m a happily ever after-er! (I *need* happy endings)